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This Land is Your Land.

The Fourth of July is a time to celebrate the place we call home. Penmac employees live and work across nine states in the nation, and we wanted to take a moment to honor the many Penmac locations. Each town and city provides Penmac with an opportunity to be a part of the local community. Founder Patti Penny opened the ...

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How You Can Turn Temp Work into A Career

When you think of a temp agency, you might think just that—temporary, but at Penmac Staffing, we have had numerous associates find success in long-term careers over the years. Among them, former Penmac associate Allan Gaddis, who went from working a temp-to hire position in Marshfield to being in charge of opening a new production plant for Penmac client, Kosan ...

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Father Knows Best

With Father’s Day approaching, we thought it would be a perfect time to learn from fatherly wisdom. Most of us have heard these “daddisms” at some point, but have you ever wondered if there was a deeper meaning behind your father’s words? Read these common sayings to learn how dad’s lessons can help you find success in the workplace.   “Money doesn’t ...

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How Acting Your Age is Good for the Workplace

Regardless of the year you were born, you have probably experienced generational differences in the workplace. Maybe you’re savvy with technology, and roll your eyes when a coworker doesn’t know how to send an e-mail. Or, perhaps you prefer communicating with colleagues directly, and are annoyed at those who are always plugged into some electronic device. The generation gap seems ...

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Show me the Money!

“How do temp agencies make money?” “Do I have to pay a fee to work for a staffing company?” “Why don’t I make more money?” You might have been wondering these things yourself. At Penmac Staffing, we hear these questions a lot, so we thought we would take the opportunity to talk about how staffing works. There are common misconceptions ...

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