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thermometer with a 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38 degrees Celsius) and the Sun in the back.

Five Ways to Beat the Heat

This week marked the beginning of summer, and many regions are already dealing with warmer than average temperatures. If you are one of the many individuals who work outside, make sure you know how you can stay safe in the heat. Exposure to extreme temperatures can cause serious illness, so make sure you pay attention to these safety tips. 1. Drink ...

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Father Using Mobile Phone As He Sorts Laundry With Children

4 Things Parenting Can Teach You About Work

With Father’s Day approaching, we started thinking about parenting, and how the skills you use as a mom or dad can often translate to valuable skills you can use in the workplace. Transferrable skills are those qualities you take from one situation to another, such as from job to job, or from home to work. Being a parent is a ...

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Woman hands framing distant sun rays

You’ve got our word!

Looking for work that’s right for you can be challenging. If you’re frustrated by your recent job hunt, you might need some encouragement. Sometimes it helps to pause and listen to the words of wisdom from others who have overcame challenges, and can offer inspiration to us on our journey. Take comfort in these quotes from these leaders below.

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Unrecognizable fisherman fishing on the river.

How You Can Reel in New Job Candidates

With the start of June, it’s beginning to feel more like summer—time for those summer activities—camping, barbecues, fishing… If you work in the staffing or human resource industry, you might sometimes feel like recruiting new employees is a bit like fishing. With low unemployment rates, businesses everywhere are hiring and finding qualified candidates seems more and more difficult. If you’re ...

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Yellow boots on the road. A man standing on the road. The road arrow

Is a Job in Manufacturing for You?

Many new graduates will be spending the upcoming summer considering their future plans. Will they continue with school? Get a job? What kind of career are they interested in? Often, it seems like the mainstream opinion promotes higher education and careers in fields like medicine, business, and technology. But the truth is, a four-year degree and an office job isn’t ...

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