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Penmac - 6/22/2012

Job Interview Tips That Will Get You Hired

Looking for a job can be hard, but if you are offered an interview, you want to use this opportunity to showcase your skills. From the moment you get an invitation to meet with a potential employer, you should communicate professionally.   Before the Interview When a potential employer calls to invite you for an interview, be polite and professional on the phone. ...

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Businessman holds his hand near his ear and listening

Do You Feel Like Nobody’s Listening?

Author Mark Twain said, “If we were supposed to talk more than we listen, we would have two tongues and one ear.” Twain would probably not be surprised at the fact that the average U.S. adult only has an attention span of about eight seconds. That number has actually gone down from 12 seconds since 2000. We’re actually getting worse ...

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Engineer And Apprentice Planning CNC Machinery Project

How do you Know if Your On-the-Job Training Worked?

Do you have an employee who is reliable and dedicated, but somehow can’t seem to get things just right? Or, maybe you’re ready to hire but can’t find the staff with just the right skills. If this sounds familiar, you might consider trying on-the-job training at your company. What better way to make sure your employees have exactly the right ...

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Engineer And Apprentice Using Automated Milling Machine

How On-the-Job Training Can Help Your Business

Have you been having trouble finding candidates to fill your positions? Or, maybe you’ve hired new staff, only to find they’re not a good fit? If this sounds like something you’ve experienced, consider on-the-job training. On-the-job training is exactly what it sounds like—teaching your staff the skills necessary to be successful at their jobs, while they’re on-the-job.   Why it’s needed: The news ...

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facts and myths  - file cabinet label, bronze holder against grunge and scratched wood

5 Myths About Working for Staffing Companies

This Friday is April Fool’s Day, a day to watch out for practical jokes and workplace pranks. While most jokes are lighthearted and fun, when it comes to work, you don’t want to be fooled. Unfortunately, many job seekers have some misconceptions about the staffing industry. Read below to learn more about how staffing really works.   Myth: Staffing companies only have ...

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