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Do You Know Who Had the Bright Idea for Earth Day?

Today, you can get your recycling picked up at the curb, buy energy-efficient light bulbs, and bring reusable bags to the grocery store. That wasn’t the case 45 years ago, but the bright ideas of these four leaders in the environmental movement inspired first the nation, and later the world, to celebrate a holiday that would encourage the public to ...

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Stop Worrying about Bills with these Four Steps.

With the tax deadline earlier this week, we’ve all got money on the mind. Unless you have a tax refund check in the mail (or even if you don’t!) thinking about money management can be stressful and tedious, especially if your income changes on a week-to-week basis. No one wants to think about making a budget, but the truth is, ...

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The Key to Making Temps Part of Your Team

Baseball season is in full swing! As you cheer on your favorite team, consider the value of teamwork in your company. If you’re like most businesses that use temporary staffing, you also have a group of permanent employees on your payroll. To ensure a positive company culture, it is important to facilitate good relationships between both employee groups. There are ...

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Don’t be Fooled—Learn the Truth about Staffing.

Everyone should be cautious during the week of April Fools’ Day, but you shouldn’t have to worry about being fooled when it comes to working with a temp agency. Penmac Staffing, a provider of human resource services, understands that sometimes it can be difficult to understand staffing business. We want to provide clear communication about what we specialize in by ...

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Spring Back from Mistakes

Spring has officially arrived, a season traditionally known for new beginnings. This time of fresh starts provides a great opportunity to overcome and learn from past mistakes. Many Penmac associates work in a variety of employment positions, which is an advantage because associates receive more income, learn a mixture of skills, and meet new people. However, sometimes learning a new ...

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