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Can I Get a Job Without a GED?

Caps and gowns, diplomas—May is the season for graduations, but not everyone follows the traditional route to education. If you didn’t graduate high school, you might be wondering what your options are. Should you return to school? Study to take the GED (or high school equivalency test in your area)? Or, is it possible to start working without a GED? ...

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High School Graduates can Earn a $100 Bonus!

Congratulations, graduates! This month, you’ll be finished with high school and ready to take the next step in your life—looking for a job. This can be an overwhelming and intimidating task, but Penmac Staffing is here to help.   How do staffing agencies work? Penmac Staffing is an employment agency that helps people find jobs for free. Businesses hire us to help ...

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Are You Ready to Go Back to Work?

With Mother’s Day approaching, it’s a great week to honor moms and all the work they do to raise their families. If you’re a mom who has been out of the workforce to take care of kids, but are ready to return, Penmac can help. Even if you aren’t a mom, but are looking to return to work after being ...

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Do You Know What Penmac and Pizza Have in Common?

It’s delivered quickly, made to order, and as easy as pie. What is it? That’s the riddle—both the staffing services here at Penmac and America’s favorite meal offer a recipe for success. According to the Department of Agriculture, on any given day, one in eight Americans eat pizza. Similarly, Penmac hires thousands of associates each year and serves hundreds of ...

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Do You Know Who Had the Bright Idea for Earth Day?

Today, you can get your recycling picked up at the curb, buy energy-efficient light bulbs, and bring reusable bags to the grocery store. That wasn’t the case 45 years ago, but the bright ideas of these four leaders in the environmental movement inspired first the nation, and later the world, to celebrate a holiday that would encourage the public to ...

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